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The Best Books for Female Entrepreneurs to Read in 2021

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The 20 best books for female entrepreneurs, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

In today’s post, I’m rounding up the best books for female entrepreneurs to read in 2021!

Even though the title of this post is Best Books for Female Entrepreneurs, most if not all of these book recommendations are for any boss babe—whether you own your own business or are climbing the corporate ladder. Most of these books are female authors and influential women, but a few of them are written by men.

I’ve included a mix of business books and life books. I’ve read almost all of these, so I can personally recommend them, and the few I haven’t read have been recommended to me and I’ve added them to my Kindle queue.

You won’t find books like Thrive by Arianna Huffington on my list, because honestly I was excited to read her book but found it to be so boring I couldn’t finish it. I think I got about a quarter of the way through. It was just so dry and so many studies about sleep and meditation. Those things are important and we get it. But like, tell us some of your life stories and advice, please! Sorry, Ari.

You also won’t find Rachel Hollis books on this list. She is just not my jam. I respect her hustle and she knows who she serves and who she does not serve—I’m just not a raving fan and fall into the latter category. I read either Girl, Stop Apologizing or Girl, Wash Your Face (honestly, can’t remember which) and just found some of it to be either really basic b*tch or a bit condescending. She tried to claim that watching too much TV was just as bad as being an alcoholic because they’re both addictions. She also shames people for watching porn (obviously that can be an unhealthy addiction too, but if it’s something you’re in to and occasionally enjoy to spice things up, I’m not here to judge you). Girl, just…stop. I’m also not religious so I don’t identify with that aspect which is a really central theme for her.

So these are my hand-picked books, for the business owners and the go-getters. Hope you enjoy, and if there’s any others I should add to my lists, let me know!

The 20 Best Books for Female Entrepreneurs to Read in 2021

Shop my list of best books for female entrepreneurs:


There you have it! My picks for the best books for female entrepreneurs to read in 2021 and beyond.

If you’re looking for more book recommendations, here is a great list of books for women in their 20s.

Are there any books that I’m missing? Let me know, I always love hearing your recs and am always looking for new, inspiring books to read!

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