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Best Packing Hacks With Ibotta

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Best Packing Hacks, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

Sharing my best packing hacks, in partnership with Ibotta today!

I’ve been meaning to write up a blog post with my top travel packing hacks for a while, so this post is long overdue! 

Especially after the panny, once I started traveling again I kinda felt like, wait, how do I do this? How do I pack and what’s a suitcase? 

But now that I’m back in my travel blogger groove, I’m feeling back on my game. It’s like riding a bicycle! 

So, we’re getting into my fav packing tips and travel hacks that will make your summer vacays a breeze. 

And btw, whenever I’m shopping for my summer travel essentials, whether it’s snacks for the trip (ALWAYS bring snacks), packing essentials, or a new outfit, I’m shopping with Ibotta so I can get cash back on all my purchases. 

Best packing hacks, by travel blogger What The Fab

The Ibotta app makes it easy to connect my shopping accounts like my Walmart and Target accounts. And I also make sure to use the Ibotta browser extension when I’m shopping online.

I also make sure to check their current offers to see what kind of cash back deals I can score. For ex, I’m picking up some Veet wax (to make sure my legs are smooth before my next trip) and Ritz toasted chips (see above about how snacks are essential ;)). 

Ok, let’s get into my best packing hacks! 

11 Best Packing Hacks

Best Packing Hacks, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

1. Use packing cubes 

I didn’t really get it until I started using packing cubes, but they really keep your stuff organized and save space.

I’ll also organize what’s inside my packing cubes based on when I’m going to wear those clothing items. So for example, we recently got back from a trip to Morocco, where we also had a stopover for a few days in Lisbon. Obviously, due to cultural differences, what I wore in Morocco was different than what I wore in Lisbon, so I had a separate packing cube just for my Lisbon outfits, which made it really easy to find what I needed when we actually touched down in Portugal.

2. Get a hanging toiletry bag

These are especially great for hotel bathrooms or Airbnbs (especially European ones!) with limited counter space.

Best Packing Hacks, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

3. Have a separate set of toiletries for travel

If you travel a lot this one is a game-changer! Besides my toothbrush, I have a separate set of small, travel-size toiletries that are just for travel. I just grab my toiletry bag and it’s ready to go—I don’t have to spend time packing or worrying about forgetting little things like floss or a shower cap, because everything is already in there. 

I recently got these little magnetic capsules for your toiletries from Cadence and I love them. They save so much space (and weight!) because I’m not packing my full size jars for my face creams, serums, etc. 

For shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, I prefer a slightly larger, leak-proof travel squeeze bottle. I got these on Amazon

4. Use Ibotta to get cash back when you’re buying things for your vacay 

Like I mentioned, whether it’s snacks, long haul flight essentials, or clothes for my trip, if I’m buying something, I’m getting cash back with Ibotta. 

Best Packing Hacks, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

5. Buy a lightweight suitcase

When you’re purchasing a suitcase, do your research to find the lightest option. A couple of pounds makes a difference if you’re always over the weight limit by a pound or two (like me!). 

I love Away bags because they’re lightweight and durable, and they have thoughtful accessories in them like a bag for dirty laundry (no more digging around in the hotel closet looking for dry cleaning bags to put your dirty clothes in!).

I also like that one side is for bulkier items like shoes, and the other side is for clothing. 

6. Pack a travel steamer 

I can’t tell you how many hotels I’ve been to lately, especially abroad, that don’t have an iron and I just need a quick steam to get out some wrinkles. It’s v frustrating! 

This travel-size steamer is my fav because it’s lightweight but does an excellent job.

Best Packing Hacks, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

7. Get a luggage scale

No more guessing if you’ll be over or under the weight limit and having to reshuffle your stuff at the airport! This thing is a lifesaver for me and one of my best suitcase packing hacks. I use it at home to get my large luggage to exactly 50 lbs lol and move things around into my carry bags as needed.

Best Packing Hacks, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

8. Have a medicine kit bag

My first aid bag has anything and everything I could possibly need in case I catch a cold, have allergies, or even run into some poison oak. I always keep it stocked and I just throw it in my luggage. 

I also have things like Tums, Ibuprofen, bandaids, a sewing kit, Tide pen, etc. in there. It’s come in handy every single trip! 

9. Use a packing list app 

This has become one of my best packing hacks! I use an app called Travel List to create my packing lists, and I add to it any time I forget something. 

Give it a try and pretty soon your list will be totally comprehensive and you’ll never forget a thing. I have different packing lists depending on if the destination is domestic or abroad, or warm or cold weather.

You’ll never have to wonder if you’re forgetting something when you’re packing ever again!

Best Packing Hacks, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

10. Add a luggage tag to your suitcase. 

Especially if you have a popular bag like this one, make sure that somebody else doesn’t accidentally grab your luggage.

Same goes for your carry-on bag. I was just on a flight recently where the girl next to me had the exact same carry-on as me. We both laughed about it and said we’d have to make a mental note to be sure to grab the right bags when we deboarded the plane. Fortunately, my luggage tag made that easy.

11. Get a luggage cover

This one is a little extra, but your girl is a little extra! Your checked bag gets so banged up, and I wanted to keep my new suitcases looking nice, so I bought this suitcase cover protector and it’s been awesome. It’s basically a plastic wrap with velcro that’s easy to slip on and off, and it keeps my luggage lookin’ pretty! 

Hope you loved these travel tips and my best packing hacks! 

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What are the best packing hacks?

The best packing hacks are:
– Using packing cubes
– Getting a hanging toiletry bag
– Buy a lightweight suitcase

Is it better to roll or fold clothes while packing?

If you’re looking to optimize space in your suitcase, you probably want to roll it. If you want to maintain wrinkle-free clothing, you want to fold it.

Are packing cubes worth it?

Yes, packing cubes can make a huge different in keeping your suitcase organized with plenty of space.

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