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Best Hikes in Sedona

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The best hikes in Sedona, Arizona by top travel blogger What The Fab

Continuing with my Sedona posts, I’m sharing a list of all of the best hikes in Sedona!

One of the most incredible things to do in Sedona is to enjoy its many beautiful hiking trails, as it’s one of those outdoor activities that people travel to Red Rock Country for.

The hiking in and around Red Rock State Park can range from easy strolls to strenuous and steep, and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide which Sedona hiking trails are a fit for you and narrowing down which ones will fit in your itinerary.

Many of Sedona’s hiking trails will have trail markers along the way that look like wire baskets filled with rocks. Be sure to keep an eye out for those so that you can stay on the trail!

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Also, be sure to bring plenty of water with you for your hike!

The heat and constant sun beating down on you can cause you to get dehydrated more quickly than you might expect.

I like to do a Camelbak-style pack (this one is only $25 on Amazon!) with water so I can carry my things and easily sip without having to stop and get my water bottle out of my bag.

Sometimes I’ll also carry my Yeti water bottle just because it keeps water cold for so long if you add ice, and when you’re hiking in the hot sun it’s the best thing ever!

You’ll also want to pack sunscreen and a hat, and I highly recommend wearing a UV-protectant hiking shirt and opting for hiking boots over sneakers, as the terrain can be very steep and rocky on some of these trails and you’ll want all the grip you can get!

For hiking boots, I like Merrells because they have a great grip and are water-resistant, and I always opt for high-tops because I need solid ankle support.

I’m linking some hat, UV protection tops and hiking boot options that I personally love and use below.

I’m including both men’s and women’s options because sometimes our men need a little help in this department.

One time we went to Sedona and Omied didn’t pack a hat or hiking boots and I was just like…what in the actual eff are you doing? ? (love you, honey!)

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Best Hikes in Sedona: Easy to Moderate

Broken Arrow – 3.2 miles, ~1.5 hours roundtrip

Broken Arrow Trail is a very popular hiking trail in Sedona.

It’s a moderate loop hike and it offers beautiful views, particularly from Submarine Rock with 360-degree red rock views.

Broken Arrow is one of the most popular hikes in all of Arizona and the road is also available to cars, which means traffic from other hikers, 4WD cars, and mountain bikers can be heavy.

You will need a Red Rock Pass to hike this route.

I actually recommend doing Broken Arrow with the Pink Jeep Tour and saving your hiking days for other trails.

Read my post all about the Pink Jeep Tour, Sedona and how awesome it is here!

The best hikes in Sedona, Arizona by top travel blogger What The Fab
Pink Jeep Tour Sedona review by travel blogger What The Fab

Little Horse – 3.4 miles, 1.5 hours roundtrip

Little Horse Trail is a moderate out and back hike.

It begins as part of the Bell Rock pathway and you’ll come to a fork with signage, and take a left onto the old jeep road, following the trail markers.

The trail climbs a bit and then tops out at a beautiful, flat expanse.

You’ll come to the Madonna and Nuns rock formations and end at Chicken Point, where you’ll be met with stunning views of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock.

If you do the Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour, they will take you to this amazing vista point as well.

Soldiers Pass – 4 miles, ~2.5 hours roundtrip

Soldier Pass Trail offers some unique sights along the way and beautiful views right at the start from the parking lot.

While hiking on Soldiers Pass you’ll find a sinkhole, as well as the Seven Sacred Pools. You can also go off the trail a bit to find a really beautiful, somewhat secret cave!

You can read this blog post with details on how to find the cave.

The trailhead is open from 8 am – 6 pm and the parking lot is small so you’ll likely need to park on the street—read the signage carefully as you can’t park anywhere in the neighborhood and cops do check regularly and give tickets!

You’ll need a Red Rock Pass to hike here, and both trailheads have machines where you can buy one.

The best hikes in Sedona, Arizona by top travel blogger What The Fab

Fay Canyon – 2.4 miles, ~80 minutes roundtrip

If you’re looking for easy hikes, Fay Canyon Trail is pretty flat the whole way and it’s great for all skill levels.

Once you get to the end you can scramble up the rocks at a steep incline to enjoy the beautiful views, and you’re also surrounded by beautiful red rock formations the whole hike.

Boynton Canyon – 6.5 miles, ~3.5 hours roundtrip

This trail starts off as easy and has a moderate climb at the end.

Boynton Canyon Trail also has one of Sedona’s vortexes and is one of the most popular Sedona hikes.

The best hikes in Sedona, Arizona by top travel blogger What The Fab

West Fork – 7 miles, ~4 hours roundtrip

The West Fork trail for Oak Creek is somewhat shaded by trees and canyons, so it’s a good option if you’re looking to not be blasted by the Arizona sun your whole hike.

This is a flat and relatively easy trail.

Best Hikes in Sedona: Moderate to Hard

The best hikes in Sedona, Arizona by top travel blogger What The Fab
The best hikes in Sedona, Arizona by top travel blogger What The Fab
The best hikes in Sedona, Arizona by top travel blogger What The Fab

Cathedral Rock – 1.6 miles, ~2.5 hours roundtrip

Cathedral Rock trail is one of my favorite Sedona hikes! It’s one of Sedona’s shorter hikes, but it’s pretty steep and you’ll have to scramble up some red rocks.

The views at the top are so special, and if you walk over to the right once you’re at the top, you can get a really epic photo.

There’s zero shade from trees on this hike so def be prepared for that and start early.

The best hikes in Sedona, Arizona by top travel blogger What The Fab

Devil’s Bridge – 4.2 miles, ~2.5 hours roundtrip

Devil’s Bridge trail features and sandstone arch at the end of the trail, and it’s absolutely photo-worthy.

The trail is fairly short but steep. The views along the trail are not as beautiful as others, but if you really want that epic shot on Devil’s Bridge at the end, it’s worth it!

Parking is limited so you may need to park on Dry Creek Road and walk to the trailhead.

Doe Mountain – 1.8 miles, ~1.5 hours roundtrip

This short loop hike is moderate and can be a little tricky at some points.

It starts at the beautiful Secret Mountain Wilderness.

It’s a good workout and you’ll be rewarded with incredible views from the top since there’s a 538-foot elevation gain!

Huckaby – 5 miles, ~3 hours roundtrip

This trail starts off close to the downtown area, and has a lot of rocky ups and downs, with beautiful red rock views.

A lot of the trail will be in the sun, so try to start early to beat the heat.

Wilson Mountain – 11 miles, ~5 hours roundtrip

Wilson Canyon Trail is a hard hike, with an elevation gain of 2,800 feet.

Thanks to that elevation gain, you’ll be met with absolutely killer views of Sedona’s red rocks at the top.

Plan for around 5 – 6 hours for this one, so that you can give yourself plenty of time to relax, eat a sandwich, and soak up the views from the top.

Bear Mountain – 5 miles, ~3 hours roundtrip

The Bear Mountain Trail is difficult and is recommended for experienced/fit hikers.

The 360-degree views from the top are killer!

Bring a windbreaker for hanging out at the top of the summit as it can get surprisingly windy and cold.

Bell Rock – 1.1 miles, ~1.5 hours roundtrip

Bell Rock is a short but somewhat challenging hike.

The trail markers can get a bit confusing, so you sometimes have to make your own way up. It offers beautiful panoramic views.

If you’re looking for a longer hike in this area, you could do Courthouse Butte Loop Trail which is about 4.2 miles.

Those are all my picks for the best hikes in Sedona! Depending on the length of your trip, I’d recommend picking out your top three or so and tackling them one day at a time. Happy trails!

If you’re looking for other things to do in the area, check out this post on the best day trips from Sedona, Arizona.

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What do I need to hike in Sedona?

You will want to bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Wear a hat, UV-protectant shirt, and hiking boots. Some trails will require that you purchase a Red Rock Pass.

What is Sedona known for?

Sedona is known for its beautiful and majestic red rock formations and scenery. The hiking here is unique because of its red rock landscape.

What is the best hike in Sedona, AZ?

The best hike in Sedona for you will depend on your ability and skill level, as well as what you are looking for. A few top hikes are Cathedral Rock, Broken Arrow Trail, and Soldiers Pass.

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