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Latoyia Downs

Latoyia is a travel enthusiast and founder of the travel blog, The Impulse Traveler. A graduate student with wanderlust and limited vacation days, Latoyia usually takes short, last-minute trips. She created The Impulse Traveler to share travel guides for travel where readers can experience a destination in just a weekend.

18 Best Things to Do in Virginia Beach

Uncover endless coastal delights with an array of things to do in Virginia Beach. Immerse yourself in sun-soaked beaches, where you can relax, swim, and build sandcastles to your heart’s content. Explore the vibrant boardwalk, lined with exciting attractions, lively entertainment, and delectable seafood cuisine. Dive into thrilling water sports, from surfing and paddleboarding to jet skiing and parasailing. Discover the area’s rich history through visits to historic sites, museums, and aquariums. Nature enthusiasts can explore state parks, wildlife refuges, and embark on scenic boat tours. With its unique blend of coastal beauty, outdoor adventures, and vibrant culture, Virginia Beach offers a diverse range of activities to suit every traveler’s taste.

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