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Kristin Hanes

Kristin Hanes is a former radio news journalist turned publisher at The Wayward Home, a site dedicated to alternative living in campervans, RVs, sailboats and tiny homes. She splits her time between a DIY Sprinter van and a sailboat in Mexico. Her goal is to inspire you to live a simpler, more adventurous life in nature. 

Kristin is also the host of The Wayward Home podcast, where she offers tips and interviews with other nomads. Kristin has been published in Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire, Business Insider, and more.

11 Things Nobody Tells You About Van Life

“Embark on the ultimate adventure with van life. Explore the freedom of the open road, discovering scenic landscapes and unique destinations from the comfort of your own home on wheels. Our guide to van life covers everything from essential gear and practical tips to inspiring stories, helping you embrace the nomadic lifestyle. Hit the road, create lasting memories, and experience the world on your own terms with the van life movement.”

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