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Brett Andrews

Brett Andrews is the co-founder of Expatsi, a site that helps expats discover how to leave the U.S. Brett and his partner Jen developed the Expatsi Test to recommend countries to move to, based on factors like budget, visa type, spoken languages, healthcare rankings, and more. In a former life, he worked as a software developer, IT support specialist, and college educator. When he's not working, Brett loves watching comic book movies and reading unusual books.

Your 2024 Guide To European Countries

Navigate the diverse wonders of Europe with our comprehensive 2024 guide to European countries. From the historic streets of Rome to the scenic fjords of Norway, explore each nation’s unique charm, cultural treasures, and must-visit attractions. Plan your European adventure with insights into the top destinations, travel tips, and experiences that await you in 2024. Make the most of your journey across the continent with this essential guide to Europe’s rich tapestry of landscapes and cultures.

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