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April, Instagrammed

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I think we can all agree April was a weird month in terms of the passage of time. Some days dragged on, and sometimes I’d look up and realize it’s Friday already. It felt like a really, really long month, but I also can’t believe it’s May.

Throughout April I really focused on writing at least one or two quarantine-related posts each week, while still continuing to crank out travel content for the future. Your guys’ feedback on quarantine content and what you want to see during this time has been so helpful. If you have any suggestions or specific questions (I’ve been getting a lot of v specific skincare emails/DMs lately, and I’m loving chatting skincare routines with you!), drop me a line! Find me on Insta, @wtfab.

Life was canceled, but spring didn’t get the memo.

Fresh press-ons.

Celebrated our 15-year dating anniversary at home.

Shared some book recommendations for quarantine reading! Deets here >>

All dressed up with literally nowhere to go.

How fun is this hot pink mani with a leopard print accent nail??

Calling this one my unicorn mani. ?

Baby blues.

My gorgeous papercut portrait. Read all about this talented artist in this WCW interview!

Shot this photo last year in Venice, Italy.

New Fnnch art around the neighborhood.

Shot in Cinque Terre last summer.

Throwback when I used to wear clothes and go outside!

Shooting Tiktoks in my bedroom and then the evening light hit just right.

Quarantine boredom has inspired me to start a new series on the blog: Wanderlust Cooking. It’s where I pick a destination, research recipes from there (for apps, cocktails, entrees, desserts) and make and share them, as well as pick out outfits and a playlist inspired by that place. My first destination was Mexico and you can see all the dresses, recipes, and playlist here!

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