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A day in the life

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This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Brita, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BritaOnTheGo
Oh hey Monday, back on that daily grind. People always ask me how I manage to work at Google full time and write a fashion blog (and this year, plan a wedding). So today in partnership with Brita, I thought I’d share a peek into a day in the life timeline for me from last week.
7:00am: Alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button. No matter how hard I try or how early I go to bed, I’m just not a morning person.
7:05am: Second alarm goes off and I get out of bed, even if it’s just for coffee. I get ready for the day and check some emails before heading out.
7:45am: I walk a few blocks down to one of the Google bus pick up stops. It takes about an hour and a half to get down to Google’s HQ in Mountain View (thank goodness for wi-fi on the shuttle). I always carry water with me because I get super thirsty walking to the bus. Ok that’s a lie, sometimes I get super thirsty sprinting the last couple blocks to the bus because I’m running late. I picked up this Brita bottle from Walmart (you can find it in the hardware section) and I love that it has a filter inside of it so I can have filtered water anywhere. I try to fill this up and drink it four times a day so I get plenty of H2O.
9:30am: First stop when I make it to campus: the barista.
9:45am: Jot down priorities that need to be accomplished this afternoon and jump into today’s meetings. My team manages the strategy and execution of hiring events for potential Google candidates.
A few snaps from the latest event I ran at our Waterloo office.
11:30am: Time for a break and a sweat sesh! Google has tons of gyms and classes that I try to take advantage of in the afternoons or evenings. I fill up my Brita bottle on the way to class—love that I can have filtered water on the go with this little sports bottle! These Brita bottles come in lots of great colors…can you tell I love turquoise?
12:30pm: Super quick shower and I throw my hair up in a (wet) bun. Grab lunch at one of Google’s cafes and bring it back to my desk to jam on some emails.
4:00pm: The cast of Entourage is visiting Google to talk about and promote their new movie, so I drop by to see them. #theboysareback
4:30pm: Hop on the GBus to the airport—our team is heading to Disneyland for an offsite!
5:30pm: Made it through security and I set up a spot at the airport to get some blogging done before my flight. Had to empty out my water bottle before going through TSA, which means I’m super happy I have my Brita bottle handy so I can have filtered water (even if it’s first coming from an airport drinking fountain). I’ve been reading The Skimm almost daily now and I love it. It’s a daily email that gives you all the top news you should know about to be informed in short, quick snippets.
6:00pm: Grab a seat on my flight to LA. Even though it’s a short flight, I’m happy to hear there’s wi-fi on the plane, so I can finish up a blog post for next week and send off an article to
7:15pm: Land in LA and hail a cab so I can meet a friend from grad school for dinner.
9:00pm: Get settled in at the hotel. Work on one more blog post and respond to some wedding-related emails.
10:45pm: Goodnight!

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Monday 8th of June 2015

so jealous of your time management! and ur last photo just made my stomach growl =X i love ur blog!xO!