Tieks Shoes: My go-to flats for traveling the world

Tieks shoes
Wearing my Nude Lace Tieks while on a helicopter ride in Maui

Whenever I’m packing my bags, no matter where I’m going, you can always count on there being at least one pair of Tieks shoes in my luggage (but usually two or three, because you know…a girl’s gotta have options!).

When I worked at an office, I wore Tieks almost every day because they’re stylish but comfortable for a commute that was mostly walking and then standing on BART. These days I work from home (so you’ll usually find me in slippers at work ?), but my Tieks still get lots of wear because they’re also my go-to’s for when I’m traveling, whether I’m in the U.S. or abroad.

Recently while in Rome, I wore my Tieks all day while hunting for the perfect gelato, riding bikes around the city, and exploring the Colosseum. My Starstruck Tieks kept me cute and comfy every step of the way!

I love traveling with Tieks shoes because they fold up so easily and take up very little space in my suitcase, and they’re comfortable enough to walk around all day in. Perfect for traveling and exploring out all day in a new city, while snapping some cute outfit photos for Instagram and the blog!

I realized that because I’m always packing a pair of Tieks (or three) with me, over the years I’ve shot some pretty awesome photos of these flats all over the world.

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite Tieks travel photos, from Chicago to Taipei to Rome!

Tieks shoes
Wearing Moonstruck Tieks while exploring Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial in Taipei
Tieks shoes
Wearing Starstruck Tieks while climbing the Duomo in Milan
Tieks shoes
Starstruck Tieks at the Colosseum
Tieks shoes
Starstruck Tieks in Scottsdale, AZ
Tieks shoes
Moonstruck Tieks in Harajuku, Tokyo
Tieks shoes
Skydeck at Willis Tower in Chicago, wearing Metallic Bronze Tieks
Tieks shoes
Nude Lace Tieks at the Japanese Botanical Garden in Portland


Are Tieks shoes worth the price?

Tieks shoes can be on the pricey side for flats, but they are very well-made from Italian leather and will last you a long time. I have Tieks that I’ve been wearing for years that still look great. So I would say they are worth the price!

Do Tieks get smelly?

Since Tieks are made of leather, they can definitely get a little smelly if you don’t wear socks with them. I wear these ultra low-cut no-show socks, so that you can’t see them when I’m wearing my Tieks.

Who owns Tieks?

Tieks is owned by two brothers, Kfir and Elram Gavrieli.

Do Tieks have arch support?

Tieks are flat and they do not have arch support.


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