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Retro pinup swimsuits are going to be *HOT* this summer

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Marie Claire’s March edition had a whole section dedicated to classic beach babe swimsuits. Here are a few pinup suits that caught my eye:
Love the fun and flirty leg cut~

The pink is so adorable~
Diggin this modern twist on a classic~

Fast forward a couple months, and I find Lauren Conrad’s cute booty gliding through my copy of Glamour’s May issue:

And I thought Hey! I recognize that suit! (This is a big deal because I’m horrible at recognizing people, streets, faces, etc). But where, oh where did I see it? After racking my brain I realized it was a fab green version of the pink suit in MC (above). Isn’t LC just darling in it?? Unfortunately, I probably can’t afford the lovely flowery Barneys pinup swimsuit, because I’m guessing “Price upon request” does not = $39.99. You win on that front, Tar-shey. So sad.
That’s when ebay swooped in to save the day! A quick search brought up some great retro suits. Check out this seller’s selection. I can’t decide which one I like best!! What’s your fav?
Still not sold on the pinup suits? Here are 5 reasons why you should own one, STAT:
1. They’re a classic! And they’ll never go out of style. 
2. “Forgot” to hit the gym this morning? Really craving that extra hot dog at the beach? Don’t even sweat it. Pinup suits offer a little more coverage. 
3. They’re flirty and sassy but they’ll still keep it classy. I for one am getting tired of being flashed by girls’ almost-visible-assholes in their floss bikinis. (In case you couldn’t tell by the tone of that sentence, I should probably tell you that link isn’t something you’ll want to open when your boss is standing behind you).
4. Channeling Marilyn is always a confidence booster. She knew what she was doing!
5. They flatter all body types! Hooray.
So go forth, snag this oldie but goodie, and channel your inner retro beach vixen!

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