$10 off! Desktop and Mobile Presets 14-Pack


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Sharing a special offer for $10 off my 14-pack of Lightroom Desktop and Mobile Presets! This offer expires in T-minus 27 minutes, so don’t wait!

Instantly uplevel your Insta aesthetic with my Lightroom Presets! I’ve created these presets after years of editing and fine-tuning. This preset 14-pack bundle is a pack of the exact presets that I use for all of the photos on my blog and Instagram for a cohesive and aesthetic vibe.

This desktop and mobile preset pack includes two sets of the What The Fab Presets—one 7-pack for desktop, and one 7-pack for mobile. You’ll also receive an easy-to-follow installation instruction PDF guide, and a step-by-step video install guide.

To use the desktop presets, you’ll need a subscription for Adobe Lightroom Classic ($9.99/month) and you can sign up here. I highly recommend using Lightroom on desktop to batch edit your photos in minutes and save yourself hours of editing time (I show you how in my install guide!).

To use the mobile presets, you’ll need to download the Adobe Lightroom app on your phone, which is free.

The 7 presets are:

Beach Day: Light, bright, and airy, the Beach Day preset is great for vacation shots by the water.

Professional lightroom presets, by travel blogger What The Fab

Luxe: The Luxe preset is a whole vibe! It makes your photos rich and a little bit moody. 

Professional Lightroom presets, by travel blogger What The Fab

World Traveler: My favorite preset for everyday outfit pics or an epic travel shot. This preset is creamy and warm.

Professional lightroom presets, by travel blogger What The Fab

Italian Summer: Ciao bella! This preset gives you deep, turquoise blues and warm, sunny vibes.

Professional lightroom presets, by travel blogger What The Fab

Golden Hour: Perfect for giving your pic cotton candy skies and dreamy coloring. 

Professional lightroom presets, by travel blogger What The Fab

Lush Greens: Great for rich greens, tropical feels, and a tan.

Professional lightroom presets, by travel blogger What The Fab

Chasing Waterfalls: Chasing Waterfalls is a great preset for photos with water, as it makes the H2O look turquoise and vibrant.

Professional lightroom presets, by travel blogger What The Fab

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This desktop and mobile preset pack includes two sets of the What The Fab Presets—one 7-pack for desktops, and one 7-pack for mobile. The desktop presets are designed for usage on the paid Adobe Lightroom Classic app. Subscriptions for Adobe Lightroom Classic on desktop are $9.99/month and you can sign up here. The mobile pack is designed for usage on the free Lightroom Mobile app.

These desktop presets are designed for use with the paid version of the Adobe Lightroom Classic desktop app. The desktop presets pack will only work on your laptop or computer within Adobe Lightroom Classic, and the mobile presets will only work on the free mobile version of Adobe Lightroom. 

This combo pack is ideal for creators who want to edit on their desktops for max efficiency + have the ability to edit on mobile while they’re on the go!

If you don’t have an Adobe Lightroom subscription and don’t want to pay for one, try just the mobile presets pack, which you can use with Lightroom Mobile for free, and there is no subscription required. 


Download: This product will be delivered via email along with installation instructions (in the form of a PDF install guide and a step-by-step video guide). Double-check that the email address you enter upon checkout is correct!  



How do I install these presets? 

In addition to the preset files, you’ll also receive step-by-step instructions in a PDF as well as a video install guide showing you exactly how to install these presets in Lightroom. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can always email me elise@whatthefab.com if you get stuck! 

What if I’m new to Lightroom presets? 

No worries! Presets are super easy to use and they’re great for photo editing beginners and experienced professionals alike. Along with the presets and install instructions, you’ll also receive a few key editing tips to make your experience using the presets easy breezy. 

How will the presets be delivered to me once I’ve purchased them? 

Upon checkout, you’ll be brought to a page in your browser where you can download the presets immediately. You’ll also receive an email with a link if you’d like to download them at a later time. 

How many presets do I get? 

When you purchase this 14-pack bundle of presets, you’ll receive two versions of all 7 presets (one set has been adapted for mobile and the second set of presets has been made for desktop).

Will these presets look good on any type of photo and any skin tone? 

Yes! I’ve used these presets on just about every type of photo you can imagine—selfies, date nights, my friend’s cute kiddos, home decor, foodie shots, you name it. 

We all have different skin tones and I include instructions on tweaking the presets based on skin tone to get that perfect edit—you just adjust the orange coloring and it takes about 10 seconds. 

How long do I have these presets for? If I set up a new Adobe account or get a new phone/computer, will I still have them? 

You have these presets for life! If you get a new phone or computer, the presets will sync with your Adobe account when you sign in. If for some reason you create a new Adobe account in the future, you can always email me at elise@whatthefab.com to get a fresh presets download link. 


Terms: Single purchaser, license only. Unauthorized distribution or reselling of our product is prohibited and will be met with legal action. Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are final and exchanges and refunds are not provided. 

The presets will look different based on the lighting and color profiles of your original photos. You may need to make additional adjustments after applying our presets. Don’t worry, I’ll send you a quick, 5-minute video tutorial with your presets showing you exactly how I edit my photos with my presets. 


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