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Michelle Obama’s Tracy Reese dress ~ Killin it!

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The Twittersphere was ablaze with tweets about Michelle Obama’s gorg Tracy Reese dress, #DNC2012. And who can blame us? She looked stunning, elegant, classy and like a HBIC all wrapped into one deliciously pink dress.

Here’s what people on Twitter had to say about it:

Michelle Obama’s dress: “a savvy choice in the era of high-definition televisions”
— The New York Times (@nytimes) September 5, 2012

Michelle Obama’s Tracy Reese dress was out of sight…
— Jenice Armstrong (@JeniceArmstrong) September 5, 2012

Michelle Obama’s dress cost $395.00, Ann Romney’s Oscar De La Tax Return dress cost $2,490.00. Rich Bitches don’t make good first ladies.
— Politicolnews (@Politicolnews) September 6, 2012

Now GOPers are bitching bc Michelle Obama’s dress cost $350? Does Ann Romney even have a pair of shorts that cost less than that??
— davyb (@cuteliberal) September 6, 2012

Michelle Obama’s Dress in High Definition
— NY Times Style (@nytimesstyle) September 5, 2012

Michelle Obama’s dress was designed by Tracy Reese, a graduate of… Detroit Cass Tech High School…
— Vincent Goodwill (@vgoodwill) September 5, 2012

Michelle Obama’s dress by @tracy_reese, Detroit native & @cfda member. Reese’s most recent runway show:…
— claire howorth (@clairehoworth) September 5, 2012

That sound you hear is all the reporters scrambling for adjectives to describe Michelle Obama’s dress.
— Indecision (@indecision) September 5, 2012

Can’t wait for the 1 trillion fashion blog posts tomorrow about Michelle obama’s dress
— Rosie Gray (@RosieGray) September 5, 2012

Said to my wife referring to Michelle Obama’s dress, “I like a little color in my 1st lady,” then realized what I’ve said 🙂 #DNC2012
— Artem Altman (@ArtemAltman) September 5, 2012

Michelle Obama’s dress is beautiful .
— nine ✌ seven(@getup__BXTCH) September 5, 2012

And last but not least, my two favorite tweets:

Will I lose my Feminist Card if I say how much I love Michelle Obama’s dress?
— Ruth R (@bookofruthless) September 5, 2012

I know this is meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but I love Michelle Obama’s dress.
— Jen Connic (@jenconnic) September 5, 2012

The first, because it made me laugh. The second, because it’s completely true. It was far more important that Michelle’s speech was powerful and moving. And I loved hearing her openly discuss her support for gay marriage. So cool. 
P.S. Someone get me MO’s arm workout routine, stat.
P.P.S. Did you catch her lavender nails? Love.

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Sunday 23rd of September 2012

No way, that is so fabulous! I really appreciate that, and I will definitely drop by your blog and check it out :)


Sunday 23rd of September 2012

Isn't it just gorgeous? I will definitely check out your blog :)


Monday 17th of September 2012

Woah, my name is Elise too, spelled the same way! As far as collabing, I may have something in the works...I'll let you know!

Cristina Garay

Thursday 13th of September 2012

What a beautiful dress she was wearing! I like her! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now following.


Thursday 6th of September 2012

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now a new follower and would love to collaborate somehow, let me know what you had in mind