What The Fab Lightroom Presets

Make it look like you paid a million bucks for a professional photographer…even if you didn’t.

It’ll be our little secret.

You know a picture is worth a thousand words. What if you were able to take your photos from meh to magical in an instant? ✨

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Who are these presets for?

 Whether you’re…

  • An aspiring blogger, influencer, or business owner working on your side hustle and building your brand 💻
  • A full-time content creator or business owner who values an ✨aesthetic✨
  • Someone who just wants pretty pictures for their Instagram feed (you don’t have to be an influencer to use presets!) 💁‍♀️

These presets are for you!

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Whether you’re building a personal brand or just want your feed to look pretty, I’ve done all the photo editing work for you.

Mobile lightroom presets, by travel blogger What The Fab
Mobile lightroom presets, by travel blogger What The Fab

I've used my presets for years to...

By using these presets, you’ll be able to:

Not only is all of this possible, these presets help get you there 10x faster.

Unintentional side effects may include...

Professional Lightroom presets, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Don't just take my word for it...

Professional lightroom presets, by travel blogger What The Fab

If you’re like me, you’ll love how much time these presets save you and how instantly vibey your photos will look.

Here’s the deal. I know firsthand how overwhelmed and strapped for time being a content creator makes you feel. 


Styling, shooting photos, editing, writing blog posts, filming videos, engaging on Instagram, emails…it’s a lot.

Once I created these presets for myself, I got hours back in my day to focus on other parts of my business.

Instead of spending hours editing your photos and trying to get them to all share a cohesive aesthetic, you can edit an entire batch of photos within minutes.

If you’re ready to stop playing small and start achieving all your boldest blogger dreams, these presets will get you on your way.


In addition to the preset files, you’ll also receive step-by-step instructions in a PDF as well as a video install guide showing you exactly how to install these presets in Lightroom. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can always email me [email protected] if you get stuck! 

No worries! Presets are super easy to use and they’re great for photo editing beginners and experienced professionals alike. Along with the presets and install instructions, you’ll also receive a few key editing tips to make your experience using the presets easy breezy.

Upon checkout, you’ll be brought to a page in your browser where you can download the presets immediately. You’ll also receive an email with a link if you’d like to download them at a later time.

You have a few different options to choose from: 

7-Pack for Desktop: 7 different presets, all for use on Lightroom on your desktop
7-Pack for Mobile: 7 different presets, all for use on Lightroom mobile on your phone
Single Preset: One of my fav presets, Luxe, is available as a single preset, for either mobile or desktop

Yes! I’ve used these presets on just about every type of photo you can imagine—selfies, date nights, my friend’s cute kiddos, home decor, foodie shots, you name it. 

We all have different skin tones and I include instructions on tweaking the presets based on skin tone to get that perfect edit—you just adjust the orange coloring and it takes about 10 seconds. 

You have these presets for life! If you get a new phone or computer, the presets will sync with your Adobe account when you sign in. If for some reason you create a new Adobe account in the future, you can always email me at [email protected] to get a fresh presets download link. 

There has never been a better time to get your feed and website aesthetic af.

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