Professional Lightroom presets, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

The world traveler preset

is inspired by, you guessed it, my world travels. It’s light, bright, and airy and will add a touch of wanderlust and whimsy to your photos. 

This Preset is:

Want to be screaming too bc you look so good?

Grab the World Traveler Preset for FREE.

Professional Lightroom presets, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

if you’re like me, you’ll love how much time this preset saves you and how instantly vibey your photos will look

Here’s the deal. I know firsthand how overwhelmed and strapped for time being a content creator makes you feel. 


Styling, shooting photos, editing, writing blog posts, filming videos, engaging on Instagram, emails…it’s a lot.

Instead of spending hours editing your photos and trying to get them to all share a cohesive aesthetic, use this preset to edit an entire batch of photos within minutes.

BY USING THE world traveler preset, YOU’LL BE ABLE TO:

Not only is all of this possible, this preset helps get you there 10x faster.

Don’t waste another minute of your time painstakingly editing photos that aren’t doing anything for your brand or your bottom line. 

Grab your free preset below 👇🏼

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