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Flower power. Floral shorts are in full bloom this summer.

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Summer is quickly approaching, and if there’s one article of clothing you should have in your fashion arsenal, it’s floral shorts. They’re absolutely adorable and they scream “Helloooooo summer!” These little dandies can be found at pretty much any store that’s remotely worth your time. Sadly, not all the flowery shorts out there hit the mark. Case in point, these moderately unfortunate Anne Taylor Loft doozies:
But lucky you, I’ve gone ahead and picked out some of the cutest ones I’ve seen:

~Woodsy colors are easy to pair with neutral tops and shoes


~Not for the faint of heart. They’re racy and lacy and I’m a fan.
~Wear a crop top with high-waist shorts for a sliver of skin. Cute, not crass.
~Pretty in lavender
~Darker tones, if that’s more your cup of tea
~These pastels remind me of a Monet painting
~Love the cuffs on these
~These H&M shorts have you covered. Literally, they’re a little longer.


Not sure what to wear with these cuties? Solid tops make it hard to go wrong. Avoid matchy-matchy. Neutrals are always a way to play it safe before you’re ready to play with more colors. I like to pick a barely-there-color in the shorts and play it up. i.e., a bright blue solid top to go with the first (brown) shorts. Enjoy!

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