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DIY ~ How to organize your jewelry

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I have a bit of an addiction to jewelry and accessories. It’s a sickness, really. But one that I’ve come to accept over the years. My OOTDs just wouldn’t be as much fun without them. I’ve found that if I don’t have my jewelry prominently out on display for me to see, it ends up collecting dust, and I forget about pieces that I have. How sad. So I was determined to come up with a pretty and useful way to store all my jewelry in plain sight. It’d also help if it was a small-space-friendly way to store jewelry, since my boyfriend is adamant that half of the closet is in fact his. (Lies.) 
So here’s a super easy DIY for storing your necklaces and bracelets in plain sight. Our end product will be a pretty little board that you can hang all your trinkets and baubles on. Here’s what you’ll need:
– a bulletin board
– fabric
– scissors
– a stapler or duct tape
– pushpins
1. Spread your fabric out (be sure to put the side of the fabric that you want to show face down). If your fabric has been shoved into a corner of your closet for the last few months like mine had, I recommend ironing it to get all the wrinkles out.
2. Put your bulletin board on your fabric and cut out as much as you need so that the fabric can easily fold over all of the sides of the bulletin board and have some extra folding over the back of the board.

3. Fold one long side of fabric over the board and start stapling along the side.


 4. Staple, staple, staple. Staple along both long sides of the board.


5. After you’ve stapled both sides, fold the ends like you would when you’re wrapping a present, like so:
Now it was at this point that my poor stapler had taken all the abuse it could bare, and it straight up broke on me. So what do we do, people??
We improvise! I started using packaging tape, and it was a lot easier than stapling and worked just fine. So, 


6. Tape down all the edges.


7. And voila!
Just punch in those pushpins, and you can get your bracelets/necklaces up and ready to wear.
I also made another board with a shimmery purple fabric for my necklaces…

I’ve been loving this new set up. It’s space efficient, pretty and it makes my day every morning when I can see my whole collection and pick and choose for my outfit. You can hang the board on your wall, or put it on top of your dresser and lean it against the wall (which is what I did in my room). Hope you all enjoy. If you make one tweet me a pic! @wtfab1

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