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DIY: Color code your keys ~ Pretty & organized? Yes please.

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I have a fairly ridiculous amount of keys. It takes 3 just to get into my apartment, another to check the mail, 2 to get into the office, I also have the keys to my parents’ house, don’t forget the car keys, and…Yeah it’s a lot to keep track of. And we all know how much I love RCM gel manicures. So I gave my keys a little makeover! Not only does it make my keys a lot prettier, but now I don’t take one and stick it in the wrong hole. That’s totally what she said.

I chose shades ranging from dark red to sparkly pink and chose the darkest color for the key I use first when I come home, second darkest for the next door I walk through, and so on…
(Yes, I realize I sound totes OCD. At least it’s a pretty OCD.)

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough different shades of one color to pull this off. It’d also look great with random colors – neons or pastels would be a fab choice.
P.S. Go Bruins!!

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